Welcome to Dog Salon Kahala Professional Grooming, where we consider the care of your best friend our number-one priority.
No matter what size, shape, color, or breed, we believe your dog the best. If you truly love your pet you'll be quick to understand the differences that make Professional Grooming such a doggone special place. To see for yourself, please drop by or give us a call anytime!
Certified by the Japan Kennel Club in Japan, and International Professional Groomers in the U.S. We also support Groom Team U.S.A.

JAPAN since 1958 Japan Dog Production
Using our experience and training techniques and grooming skill. Many of whom have appeared in commercials, dramas, movies with our dogs. We have been in this business for the last 56 years. We are very happy to inform you using our knowledge and up-to-date news. We are very happy to contribute to the general public through our dog business in Japan.
Dogs in our office first appeared on TV in 1958, since then we have trained many dogs for this type of work.
We now have many kinds of dogs, including good-looking ones for show, and charming cute ones for domestication.
Our highly skilled dog trainers give advice while our first class dog coordinators always help out during the TV shootings.

we specialize in training dogs for commercials and movies. we have a special staff that can provide special training to meet your needs.

U.S.A Shiba-inu
Shiba-Inu Aiko-kai was established since 1970. Ever since, our organization has introduced many shiba inus in US, and would love to continue our service.

We started Dog Salon Kahala Honolulu Professional Dog Grooming 2010.

We have special training for Keiki. it is about communication training. Puppy training. Socialize with people and other puppies to create friendly adult dog. Training for owners to create good relationship with dog. special training for commercials and movies. click here will take you to dog club.
provide comfortable accommodations and special meal for dogs. dog will be well cared for with special friendly service.

Dog Cafe Tokyo
dog days cafe offers prt friendly cafe where dogs and owner are welcome to enjoy Hawaiian specialty coffees and drinks in a friendly and relaxing environment.